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John Boswell's Blog Blog Tools Rating: Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 02-26-2005 10:02 AM
John Boswell
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Status: Public
Entries: 87
Comments: 41
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In General Light Bulb just clicked on Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #87 New 07-21-2006 09:00 AM
I was reading a post and suddenly I could see with my mind's eye just what it is that higher ranking aikidoka do with kotegeshi.

(I know this is going to sound outta the blue, but it is more a note to Myself so I don't forget it. So please excuse my non-sequitor ramblings. )

Standing ready in hamni, uke attacks with shomenuchi (for this example). Okay... nage needs to get off-line, yes. But in so doing, nage turns to blend with the motion of the uke and follows the right handed attack with the left hand to then capture the wrist.

NOW THEN... here's where something clicked. I USED to muscle this whole thing: I'd capture the wrist, keep the energy going DOWN (wrong) and then muscle the uke (arm first) across the front of me. My body motion would be to bring the leg back as in tenkan, plant it (wrong again) push off with my front leg and kinda push-pull with my left arm until the uke got where I wanted him to be.


Okay... get off-line and start the nage tenkan motion. As the left hand is following the attack downward... start angling off the energy to the space where you are moving out of. Angle it down and out. That weakin's the uke because their own energy is now being redirected outside their own balance area... but it is still (at this time) their own energy! NOW... once you have completed your tenkan motion, unweight your front foot a bit (but doesn't have to leave the floor nessecarily) and open your hips up in the direction of ...More Read More
Views: 3559 | Comments: 1

In General THE PAIN! (too much time off the mat) Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #86 New 07-14-2006 02:46 PM
Ugh! I'm dyin' here.
FINALLY, I got back on the mat Monday night. Been gone 6 months due to Mr. Baby showing up in the world. (cute little bug!)

So... I get on the mat, here we go: back to basics. New student is on the mat, getting ready to test for 5th kyu. Cool! Easy workout. Not a problem.


I wake up Tuesday and can't hardly get outta bed! OMG! I am SO freaking outta shape, it's pathetic.

/insert two days of stretching and recovery time.

Get on the mat last night. (Thursday) Nikyo Waza! Not only am I going down alot, but going in pain... landing on at least one knee (and those hurt) and now... I'm DYING AGAIN!

Okay, maybe I'm over exagerating a little.

Did learn some good stuff though. REALLY effective henkawaza where we lock the uke down in Nikyo Ura (wrist locked to the chest) then you turn that wrist out and bring your inside arm up underneath uke's extended arm. Then you go Palm Up, Palm Down. Throw that hip in there and watch the uke fly! Was good stuff.

We did several of those last night, variations off of nikyo. Did a sokomen iriminage, kokyunage and a couple others... but I'm out of it right now. Functioning on 6 hours sleep after a 21 hour day.
(chaulk up 4 hours so far this week)

Class again in a few hours. Yeeeesh!
Views: 2918 | Comments: 3

In General Is a return to the mat eminent? Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #85 New 06-16-2006 10:06 AM
Greetings and salutations!

Well, since January, I think I've been on the mat one time and visited the dojo twice. As you may be able to tell... I've been a little busy.

Now, don't get me wrong, things are still busy... but they are getting better!

Next week, Mr. Baby heads off to daycare. This means that Mom will be able to spend more time with him in the evening and not pull her hair out doing it. Also, business has been hopin' and I have some paychecks coming my way. So, I'll be able to afford classes once again. Woo hoo!

Getting back on the mat will be a good thing. I've put on a few pounds and got back up to around 270 or 275. Not good. My highest weight was 280 or 285 and that was REALLY not good, so I need to get back on the mat and loose some of this poundage.

Anyhow... if Lan or Couch or Sensei read this... you are hereby put on notice: the Big, Bad Bozz will soon return. You have been warned.
Views: 2457 | Comments: 2

In General Baby's Website Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #84 New 01-23-2006 10:04 AM

courtesy of Aunt Stephie.
Views: 2444 | Comments: 2

In General Baby has arrived! Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #83 New 01-19-2006 02:04 PM
Aiden Radford Scott Boswell, born Jan 18, 2006! We're very excited, thrilled and exhausted over the whole ordeal, but he's here safe and sound and can't wait to get him home.

... please send money. ROFL!!

Just kidding. (not really ) or am I ???

Gonna be a loooong weekend!
Views: 2353 | Comments: 5

In General Made it to class... something new again Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #82 New 01-17-2006 10:00 AM
It seems any time I'm not there on a regular basis, Sensei has a revalation and I have to learn aikido all over again. Last night was no exception, subtle though it may seem.

Up! Up! Everything goes UP! On the katame waza (ikkyo - gokyo) we start out facing the uke as always. (Base this off of same-side wrist grab) So, we start off turning 90 degrees and stepping back slightly with the outside foot and then deeper with the inside foot. Gotta keep your hands up and in front of you, but the outside hand comes in at an angle to the floor, with good kokyu ho hand positioning, and instead of going right in for the wrist (and inside hand going for the elbow) Instead... you strike the uke's arm slightly and begin lifting up and you slide your hand up to their wrist. Once the wrist is raised, then you go for the lebow and cut the uke over.

We worked on this all night. It's so subtle, but when your 260lbs and your instructor is smaller and he's got you up on your toes, you know there's gotta be something to it. I'm looking forward to "getting" this and being able to do it. I have no doubt the ramifications of this, but it's going to take some getting used to.

In the mean time, I'm outta here. Gotta go sell a house! or two
Views: 2039

In General Need to get to class! Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #81 New 01-16-2006 10:53 AM
It's been too long. Been working around the house a lot lately, getting ready for baby. His room is all situated now: crib, changing table, dresser, stuff, stuff, stuff! Funny thing though...

Yesterday afternoon, my Sister-in-law and Mom-in-law came over to help get things ready. I was taking some trash out and headed back toward the house, talking to my dog, etc. I thought I had noticed something in the corner of my eye, but before I could react,"BAH!"

Sis jumped out from around the corner at me and startled me. I got the impression she was going to grab me and changed her mind at the last second... which is good! I looked down and saw that I assumed a hanmi stance, dropped my center and had my hands up, ready for an attack!

While Mom and wife were inside laughing and Sis was laughing as well, I'm standing there deliberating whether or not to go ahead and cut her over into Nikyo or give her a pass.

I gave her a pass.

I was very proud of how I reacted! I was ready for a randori, had it been more than a couple people and I was ready!

All the more reason to get back on the mat.

Wifey is due in a week or two. Her due date is Feb. 4th, but she's gonna pop before that... I have no doubts. I'll be posting when baby arrives. He's already got a black and white striped tiger with a Gi on and all the belts so when Aiden (baby) starts training, Kun Phooie (tiger's name) can advance with Aiden too. It's just to cute.
Views: 2199

In General Huh! Missed an entry! Tuesday's class Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #80 New 12-29-2005 09:46 AM
Had class on Tuesday. It's very unlike me to miss an entry, but I guess I did.

Worked on Gokyo! We never do gokyo hardly anymore. It was wierd. Felt like learning it all over again. Because we've practiced Ikkyo so much lately, that's what everyone kept wanting to do. LOL

Also worked on sumi-otoshi, which is always fun. That was fine.

Damn it, I wish I had had written this yesturday because so much has happened in my life since then... that I can't remember a damn thing!


PS: Measure out 7 centimeters on a ruler sometime - that would be the length of my baby's foot according to yesterdays sonogram! Eeep! Big baby... comin' through!
Views: 2785

In General Can't move the Uke??? Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #79 New 12-21-2005 09:15 AM
Karen W. posted in her blog about troubles moving her uke during Mototedori Iriminage... and it reminded me of the same problem I had once upon a time.

At the begining of each class, we do a standard warm up, then we practice tenkan, then morotedori kokyunage omote and ura. One particular night, I was partnered up with Darren Hill. Darren is ALL MUSCLE! He's HUGE! Big dude! Ain't movin' for nothin' if he doesn't want to... or unless you do the technique right.

Anyways, he grabbed on with both hands onto my one and I couldn't budge this guy. Not even a little. I'd have broken my arm if I kept doing it that way. SO... I kept bringing my hand in closer to my center... first in front of my obi knot and then a little bit past it. And what do you know? Down goes Darren! It was amazing. He was holding on for dear life, and suddenly it didn't matter.

By bringing his attack out to the side and blending off in that direction, he was easy to move. VERY easy, considering all his power was now off in a direction where I was no longer fighting him. I wasn't even in a position to fight him because I was moving off to his side! Therre is no fight when you let the energy just pass on by.

We reveresed roles and I held on with a death grip. It wasn't that we were showing off or trying to stop the nage from practice. It was the fact that we had found a tool (Redirection) that we always "knew" about but suddenly figured out how to use well! And me? I'm 255 lbs. For anyone to move ...More Read More
Views: 3455 | Comments: 2

In General Ushiro waza Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #78 New 12-20-2005 10:47 AM
Ugh! Last night kicked my butt!! I'm still tired!

Worked on ushiro last night: Ikkyo, Nikkyo and Sankyo. We did this in a manner akin to what Kato Shihan would do... lots of footwork that I'm really not used to yet.

It never ceases to amaze me how Riggs Sensei can just think up a technique and execute it like he's been doing it all his life. "I just made it up!" he says with a sly grin on his face. Meanwhile, the rest of us struggle along trying to figure out... what the hell???

If you've ever done ushiro waza, you know you have to blend and cut. That's not the problem. The problem, aside from being tired last night, was with the footwork. Especially on ura... you don't bring the leg back. In fact, you can't or you'll be too far away from the uke and snatch your hand away. Instead, you load the front leg and step around the uke. Sounds simple, but it's subtle and complex. Once you get it, it's very powerful. Uke feels NO hiccup in the technique which is very flowing and dynamic. And it chunks you across the room in a tight roll... or sends you flying on your belly into the pin.

Hips! Gotta move the hips. None of this will make any sense to anyone until you see it and feel it. Suffice to say, with just Lan, Couch and myself working on this and Riggs showing us what to do... we got a hell of a workout last night. I can barely keep my eyes open right now I'm so tired.

Ugh... 2 more hours.

PS: Sesnei and his wife laid tile down the night before. The dojo is re ...More Read More
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