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Catsquotl's Blog Blog Tools Rate This Blog
Creation Date: 04-27-2005 09:38 AM
Starting a dojo and training cross-country(s)
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In General Making sense of seminair, Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #3 New 05-31-2005 01:26 AM
Hmm Ezra Sensei Seminair last weekend,

Saturday mostly Jo work wich was fun, loads of new stuff for me as have not done much Jo work. We all got some pointers and excersises we can do alone at home to practise our tai sabaki and gain good posture...

Day two I forgot what we did first session because of what happened the seccond one...
Nikkyo all 2,5 hours long from every wich way to every wich way..
We got lectured about the benefits of keeping a lucid mind during pain. recieve pain in a relaxed way etc etc. Also we were asked to keep our Ukemi alive and flexible during well...pain.

At one point I guess I wasn`t alive enough so Sensei came by to let me experience why it would be important to keep lively..
After some (.....6, i counted) Nikkyo`s that were very on... I was in shock.. Didn`t have the guts to attack nage what so ever...Was afraid not to attack for lack of livelyness and another lesson from Sensei so.. I did away with my shock.. trained my socks off and have not felt more alive in quite some time..

All in all a very good weekend.
There was fun and a sort of childlike yoy...
As there were pain and terror..

You`ll never hear me say Ezra sensei`s is soft and lovely.. It`s still soft but its strong and its there......

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In General Jiriki training and dojo-update Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #2 New 04-28-2005 01:20 AM
Training last night.
In this style of aikido the idea is to do everything ryu no keikio.. Also the form differs very much from aikikai aikido as every technique goes down instantly.
Ikkyo it was from morote-dori. Uke comes grabs and Tori draws in(wel actualy Tori lets uke push his arm in) until your own elbow touches your tanden at that point just move hips and drop your upper body down. Your feet dont have to move so you wind up cross legged. It still feels very strange not to end a technique in propper hanmi..

On the dojo. The city counsil can`t tell me if i can have a training place until the end of july so i have to wait a bit longer. I am in talks with a local Judo club to see if i can use/rent there mats.
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In General training in germany... Entry Tools Rate This Entry
  #1 New 04-27-2005 09:38 AM
Monday night I went to a dojo near my hometown but across the border in Germany (meppen)
I had previously e-mailt the contact-person there and recieved a warm welcome and instructions on how to get to the dojo.
On the mat i was greeted by 2 yudansha and a 2nd kyu(as I learned later)
Sensei came in.. An aged man who guided us through a complete gentle warm-up. A liked the bit where he asked to breath out with a tone O. I think it was a kotodama thing but didn`t ask (yet).

The attack of the evening was mainly Yokomen uchi and we did ikkyo through yonkyo and then returned to a dancing variant of sankyo. some kokyunage`s from shomen uchi and some koshi....wheehee..

What startled me was the (brute) force of the technigues when applied by the different Tori`s I hadn`t been exposed to this way of aikikai in a long while and could finaly see why some of my dojo-mates from other dojo think of aikikai as a hard style..Something wich I until now always disagreed with.
I had great fun though and liked very much to go through the motions of basic, classic, aikikai..

After the class I returned home rather quickly and showed my thanks and a quistion through an e-mail. After which i started browsing the internet on this Sensei.. Turns out he is a 6th dan honorary member of a German aikido organisation affiliated with Asai Sensei. Further more he is seem by a particular aikido organisation in holland as a Jo and Bokken specialist and he leads a bi-weekly weapons class in several ...More Read More
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