[Announce] Announcements - December 24, 2013

Jun Akiyama akiy at aikiweb.com
Tue Dec 24 12:46:48 MST 2013

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Welcome to the December 24, 2013 AikiWeb Announcements e-mail.

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* AikiWeb Columns Now Available

The December AikiWeb Columns are now available for your reading pleasure at:


This month, we have great columns from Peter Goldsbury, Ross Robertson, "The Mirror," Iriawan Kamal Thalib, Eddy Wolput, and Lynn Seiser.

As always, your comments in the thread following each column are appreciated by the authors, so please be sure to leave them your thoughts!

* AikiWeb Facebook Page

AikiWeb is on Facebook where we've posted a great collection of aikido videos and quotes from all over the Internet:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AikiWeb


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