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Doka of the Day - December 19, 2014
This world is built up
Of living-life (iki-inochi) of the breath of life (iki-inichi) and the
saving power of the Universal (iki-inochi),
All spinning and flourishing
The jewel-like Aiki of the Spirit (tama-no-aiki).

                              - Morihei Ueshiba

AikiWeb Aikido News
August AikiWeb Columns Now Available
Posted 8/29/2014 5:15pm [from Jun Akiyama]

The August AikiWeb Columns are now available for your reading pleasure at: This month, we have great articles from Ross Robertson, "The Mirror," Lynn Seiser, and Gadi Shorr. As always, your comments in the thread following each column are appreciated by the authors, so please be sure to leave them your thoughts!

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Publication: Book Release - Along the Way
Posted 12/18/2014 10:25am [from Pune Aikikai]

Good day. A new book, 'Along the Way' by M. Tate (4 Dan) and L. Tomoleoni (6 Dan), is available on Amazon. The authors describe life lessons learnt through the practice of Aikido and hope to inspire others to take up the art by sharing stories of their own growth.

Seminar: Seishiro Endo Shihan, 8 Dan in IL, April 10-12, 2015
Posted 12/18/2014 10:25am [from Lisa Tomoleoni]

Please join is for a seminar with Seishiro Endo Shihan on April 10-12, 2015. The seminar is hosted by Abiding Spirit Aikikai and will be held in the Crystal Lake, IL area. Further details pending, but please save the date! for further information please contact us at or see our web page.

Seminar: 2015 Midwest Aikido Bridge Seminar, March 27-29
Posted 12/18/2014 10:25am [from Lisa Tomoleoni]

The annual Midwest Aikido Bridge seminar will be held March 27-29, 2015, at the Abiding Spirit Center in Crystal Lake, IL. Instructors are: Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan 7 Dan ASU, Lee Crawford Sensei 6 Dan ASU, Greg Deutsch Sensei 5 Dan USAF, Robert Garza Sensei 5 Dan Sosei Aikido Kyokai, Ken Purdy 4 Dan ASU, and Lisa Tomoleoni 6 Dan Aikido Shimbokukai. Aikidoka of affiliations welcome!

Seminar: Chida Sensei in Israel, March 12-15, 2015
Posted 12/18/2014 10:25am [from Gadi Shorr]

I am happy to announce a 4 days special clinic with Tsutomu Chida sensei in Israel. The clinic will run from the 12th of March until the 15th of March, 2015. Chida sensei, former head instructor of Yoshinkan Aikido and the founder of Renshinkai Aikido, will teach a long weekend clinic. The classes are open for all martial arts practitioners. For more information contact Gadi Shorr At:

Dojo Closing Sale, Musubi Dojo, Montclair CA
Posted 12/07/2014 4:32pm [from John Schleis]

Aikido Musubi Dojo is having a closing sale. All dojo items: Artwork -aikido shihan calligraphy - large framed; Formal teahouse (20'x10'); Furniture; Weapons. 40 years of dojo items must go. See or call 9096247770

Seminar: Ellis Amdur sensei in Oberlin, OH, January 30 - February 1, 2015
Posted 12/05/2014 2:57pm [from Andrzej Siwkiewicz]

Oberlin Aikido Club will host Ellis Amdur Sensei at the 2015 Winter Seminar January 30th through February 1st, 2015. After several years of absence Amdur Sensei is returning to Oberlin to teach our annual Winter Seminar. This is a rare opportunity to experience first-hand the instruction and insight of this consummate practitioner and teacher of Aikido and ancient Koryu, who wrote a number of books on the subject ("Hidden in Plain Sight: Tracing the Roots of Ueshiba Morihei's Power", "Dueling with O'Sensei: Grappling with the Myth of the Warrior Sage" among others) and taught seminars to wide ranging audiences nationally and abroad, weaving together disparate Aikido techniques into one coherent method of execution. The goal is to develop one's practice in such a way that there is no division between atemi, throwing techniques and kaeshiwaza. All affiliations are welcome. Please join us on January 30th through February 1st, 2015 at the Hales Gym in Oberlin College, 180 West Lorain Street, Oberlin, Ohio 44074-1016 Classes are scheduled on Friday 7-9 p.m., Saturday 10-12 and and 3-5 p.m., Sunday 10-1 p.m. Saturday dinner will be held traditionally at Oberlin's renowned Weia Teia restaurant. Seminar cost: $110 or $35 per class. For more information visit: http:// or, or call 216-3922274. Andrzej Siwkiewicz Oberlin Aikido Club Head Instructor

TV/Movies: New Aikido Movie/Film (2015)
Posted 12/05/2014 11:58am [from Adrian Gallucci]

In 2015 a brand new, full-length feature film that centers around the art of Aikido will be released in theatres. More info to come.

Seminar: Jan 24: Jeff Hempel in Crystal Lake, IL
Posted 11/29/2014 9:37am [from Lisa Tomoleoni]

January 24, 2015: Please join us for a one-day seminar with Jeff Hempel Sensei, 4 Dan, ASU, focusing on knife techniques. All styles and affiliations welcome!

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