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Doka of the Day - May 25, 2020
Enlightement or delusion?
Who is to say which person has which?
Like the evening moon they appear and fade.
Not one knows exactly when.

                              - Morihei Ueshiba

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"It Had to Be Felt" Essay on Hiroshi Ikeda by Jim Sorrentino
Posted 5/10/2020 8:08pm [from Jun Akiyama]

The latest "It Had to Be Felt" essay, this time on Hiroshi Ikeda (7th dan, Boulder Aikikai) by Jim Sorrentino is now available for your reading pleasure. From the article: "As I would grab him or attempt to strike him, or as I faced him with a weapon, the physical interaction itself would impress on me that his experience and accompanying depth of understanding far outweighed mine. And yet, every time, he transmitted his understanding in a way that spurred me to work harder to improve, rather than discouraging me, or worse, injuring me."

Book Review: Liese Klein's "The Life-Giving Sword: Kazuo Chiba"
Posted 5/01/2020 4:26pm [from Jun Akiyama]

Here is a book review on Liese Klein’s book “The Life-Giving Sword: Kazuo Chiba’s Life in Aikido,” review written by Peter Goldsbury. Klein’s book, according to its back cover, “spans modern Japanese history and ranges across the world to tell the story of a man with a mission—to understand and transmit the modern martial art of Aikido.” From Goldsbury’s review: “The Life-Giving Sword: Kazuo Chiba's Life in Aikido presents a picture of a very remarkable man, written by one of his close students and, in my opinion, it steers a very satisfactory course between revealing the warts and blemishes, as well as the many virtues. Kazuo Chiba made an enormous contribution to aikido and this becomes very clear from Liese's biography.”

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Article: "Moving Off the Line" by Ruth Peyser (6th dan, shidoin)
Posted 4/30/2020 9:50pm [from Jun Akiyama]

Here is an article entitled “Moving Off the Line” from Ruth Peyser (6th dan, shidoin)—her account of what happened to her after she supported a petition “requesting that the governing body of the United States Aikido Federation (USAF) address issues of gender equality in the organization.” From her article: “I’m trying to move on but it’s hard. It’s like losing a loved one. New York Aikikai was a major part of my life for four decades. A friend got my things from New York Aikikai, met me on the northwest corner of Union Square outside Petco and handed me a bag with my hakama, belt and kneepads. And then it was over.” The initial petition and subsequent timeline may be found on Facebook here: Independent Coalition of USAF Women.

Seminar: "Aikido for Tomorrow" Seminar Article on Aikido Journal
Posted 4/09/2020 6:36pm [from Jun Akiyama]

The "Aikido for Tomorrow" seminar took place this past February, 2020, in Colorado, focusing on supporting aikido practitioners 20-40 years of age. The seminar featured a dozen instructors from various aikido lineages and over 50 participants. Évolène Premillieu, the seminar's organizer writes, "My priority was to bring young people together to form a community within the larger aikido community – one that connects young practitioners in a way that spans dojos, styles, and organizational affiliations, centered on our mutual love for aikido." Aikido Journal has more reflections from participants here:

Irvin Faust (7th dan, Albany Aikido) Passes Away
Posted 3/29/2020 3:30pm [from Jun Akiyama]

I just heard from Albany Aikido of the passing of Irvin Faust this morning. He was a 7th dan shihan and trained with Luqman Hakeem and Yoshimitsu Yamada. He had been teaching at Albany Aikido since 1985. My condolences go out to his family, friends, students, and loved ones.

Roy Suenaka Passes Away
Posted 3/28/2020 9:27am [from Jun Akiyama]

I just got word that Roy Suenaka (Wadokai Aikido, Charleston SC) passed away on March 8, 2020. He started aikido in the early 1950's, attending demonstrations by Koichi Tohei and going to Aikikai Hombu Dojo in 1960 to study with Morihei Ueshiba (from whom he received menkyo kaiden in 1961). He founded Wadokai Aikido in 1975 and taught Suenaka-ha Tetsugaku-ho Aikido ("Suenaka style, philosophical way"). His obituary may be read here. My condolences go out to his family, friends, students, and loved ones.

"10 Things You Can Do to Support Women in Aikido" by Malory Graham
Posted 3/07/2020 10:14am [from Jun Akiyama]

Here is a great article from Malory Graham (6th dan, Seattle Aikikai) on "10 Things You Can Do to Support Women in Aikido." From the article: "7. Put Women in Leadership Roles. Give women a true place of power at the table in your dojo or organization. Know the difference between having a woman serve in a President position vs. a Secretary or Admin role. We all benefit from the diversity of women’s voices in leadership roles."

Seminar: April 27, 29, 2020: Jun Nomoto (7th dan) in Malta
Posted 3/03/2020 3:20pm [from Kevin Bonanno]

Aikikai Malta is pleased to announce its European Aikido seminar led by Jun Nomoto Shihan (7th Dan) on 27th & 29th April 2020 being the ‘35th Anniversary of Satomi Hakkenkai’ in Europe.

Event: July 17-19, 2020: Shimbokukai Annual Instructors Intensive, Crystal Lake IL
Posted 3/03/2020 12:31pm [from Lisa Rose Tomoleoni]

Please join us for our Annual Instructors Intensive, to be held July 17-19, 2020. This seminar will be for people who currently are instructors, and also anyone who has a wish to become an instructor in the future. Participation is open to not only Aikido Shimbokukai members and supporting members, but also to Aikidoists of any affiliation and lineage. ​ Rather than focus on how to do techniques, the content of the seminar will focus on developing instruction skills, improving the transmission of Aikido technique and philosophy, growing and maintaining a dojo, and other aspects of running a successful dojo. All participants will have the opportunity to interact with each other, share ideas, teaching methods and dojo management methods. We will, of course, have ample training time together as well! The venue for the seminar this year is the Abiding Spirit Center, in Crystal Lake, IL.

Seminar: June 4-7, 2020: Shimbokukai Summer Seminar, Spring TX
Posted 3/03/2020 12:31pm [from Lisa Tomoleoni]

Join us for our annual summer seminar, to be held June 4-7 at the MAT Center, just outside of Houston, Texas! The seminar will be four days of training, fun, and friendship. 2020 is the 15th Anniversary of the founding of Aikido Shimbokukai, so please come help us celebrate! ​Featuring Main Instructors: Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan, 7th Dan, Boulder Aikikai Lisa Tomoleoni Sensei, 6 Dan, Director Shimbokukai and Special Guest Instructor Greg Angus Sensei, 6 Dan, Naka Ima Aikikai in Toronto, Canada Supporting Instructors will be determined later...... All people of any and all affiliations welcome!

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