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Doka of the Day - February 19, 2018
In a landscape abundant with advanced weaponry,
The living souls become one in prayer
With the virtue of the workings of the Kami of Creation (samuhara).

                              - Morihei Ueshiba

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December AikiWeb Columns Now Available
Posted 12/09/2017 7:56pm [from Jun Akiyama]

The latest batch of AikiWeb Columns is now available! We have columns from Oisin Bourke (on Henry Kono), Ross Robertson, John Driscoll, and The Mirror. Click here to read the columns. As always, your thoughts the columns are always welcome in the thread following each column!

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by dshanby

Water Oak Aikikai - portable kamiza

by edutton

Sensei Mona Lisa

by yoshimitsu

Anita Köhler (6th dan, AIkido Dojo Darmstadt) Passes Away
Posted 2/04/2018 8:38pm [from Jun Akiyama]

I have just received news that Anita Köhler (6th dan, Aikido Dojo Darmstadt, Germany) has passed away. Köhler started aikido in 1987 with Ingo Beardi and then started training with Christian Tissier in 1990. She also studied taichi and bagua with Bruce Frantzis, Lui Jin Ru, and Kong Cheng. My condolences to her family, friends, students, and loved ones.

Seminar: Feb 17, 2018: Aikido Shugyo with Collings Sensei, East Hanover NY
Posted 1/15/2018 4:48pm [from Jason Mallia]

Shugyo - Training of the Spirit - Join with Aikido 6th Dan Tom Collings Sensei on Saturday February 17 (1-4 PM) at Aikido Centers - East Hanover 55 Eagle Rock Ave, East Hanover, NY 07936 for a day of seated meditation, standing meditation, moving meditation and sound practices just as O-Sensei did in his daily life. Cost of the Seminar is a $30.00 mat fee.

2018 Kagami Biraki Promotions List
Posted 1/14/2018 12:47am [from Jun Akiyama]

Aikikai Hombu Dojo has just released its 2018 Kagami Biraki promotions list. Congratulations to everyone listed! Are there any names you recognize and would like to congratulate?

Seminar: February 9-11th 2018 Michael Friedl Shihan 7th Dan in Calgary
Posted 1/14/2018 12:47am [from Andrew Barron]

Calgary Aikikai is excited to welcome back Michael Friedl Shihan of Aikido of Ashland, Oregon. Friedl Sensei will be teaching from February 9th to 11th, 2018. All styles and arts are welcome to train and learn with this master instructor who has been practicing aikido for over 45 years. For information see

Seminar: Meido Moore & John Mazza in Chicago, Feb 9-11, 2018
Posted 1/01/2018 2:03am [from Kristen Radtke]

Meido Moore Sensei (6th dan) and John Mazza Sensei (6th dan) will lead Shinjinkai's annual Kangeiko, winter training seminar, in Chicago. All are welcome. Info and registration at

Kyoichi Inoue (10th dan, Yoshinkan) Passes Away
Posted 12/24/2017 3:38pm [from Jun Akiyama]

I have received word that Kyoichi Inoue (10th dan, Yoshinkan Aikido) has passed away. Born in 1935, he started training at the newly founded Aikido Yoshinkan in 1955, becoming uchideshi under Gozo Shioda. He taught metropolitan police officers as a martial arts instructor from 1970 until 1994. Inoue became the second director of the Yoshinkan in 2002. He received his 9th dan from Shioda in 1992 and his 10th dan in 2009 from the International Budo Federation. My condolences go out to his family, friends, students, and loved ones.

Seminar: Koretoshi Maruyama European Seminar 9-11th June 2018, Kendal, UK
Posted 12/06/2017 3:31pm [from Mike Haft]

Koretoshi Maruyama Sensei will return to Kendal UK on 9th-11th June 2018 at the Kendal Judo Dojo. Maruyama Sensei was a student of O Sensei for 13 years, and the President and Chief Instructor of the Ki Society until 1991. He founded Aikido Yuishinkai in 1996. Also teaching several evening classes before and after this seminar (7th & 8th June, and 12th June) will be Peter Kelly Sensei 8th Dan. These classes will focus on the internal aspects of Aikido Yuishinkai as taught by Maruyama Sensei covering topics such as: Heaven – Earth – Man, grounding, opening and closing the body, joints as spheres, aiki o ka kaeiru, aiki age/sage & yin yang, plus more.

Dojo News: Uchi Deshi Program at Ki Aikido Dojo Rodgau, Germany
Posted 11/14/2017 9:52am [from Ki Aikido Dojo Rodgau]

At Ki Aikido Dojo Rodgau, Germany, the Uchi Deshi Program has been active since February 2015. There are currently 2 uchi deshi living and training at the dojo. Since the living area has been expanded recently, we can accept 2 more uchi deshi beginning in January 2018. Please see our website for a detailed program description...

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